"an important and fascinating book that I think will resonate with, and maybe bring a measure of relief to, countless families... 

The book isn’t scolding. It doesn’t set out to shame parents for our heightened investment in our children from conception through college and beyond. It makes room for the joy and bliss of parenting, even as it takes a clear-eyed look at the risks of emotionally yoking yourself so completely to an endeavor over which you have limited control.

It’s not an easy needle to thread. Freidenfelds does it beautifully... The book is a much-needed counternarrative. I hope it brings comfort to those who most need it."

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Heidi Stevens, Chicago Tribune

"Evidenced throughout, and made explicit in the final chapter, Freidenfelds provides not just a fascinating, well-researched history, but also uses that history to dismantle unrealistic expectations of perfection and to argue for a more humane understanding of miscarriage. That understanding, she says, must make room for miscarriage as a normal part of fertility and childbearing.

Parents and aspiring parents may have the most immediate interest in this book, but the scope of its impact should not be limited to that group. Given how common miscarriage is, a broad range of readers have much to gain from Freidenfelds's call for a more compassionate and realistic approach to the subject."

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Hannah Calkins, Shelf Awareness